Halloween Sound Effects

The flaming pumpkin is the link.
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Young Girl Singing (135kb)
While At Play

Dracula's Laugh (156kb)
From the movie Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

Witch Hazel Laughing (38kb)

Bells Tolling (38kb)

Bubbles Boiling (31kb)

Creepy Organ Chord (76kb)

Evil Laugh (17kb)

Heart Beat (74kb)

An Owl (212kb)

An OK Scream (30kb)

Thunder (73kb)

Wolf Howling (47kb)

A Single Bell Tolling (345kb)

Witch Cackle, followed by "Happy Halloween" (38kb)

Casket Opening Slowly (54kb)

Wind Howling thru a Graveyard (491kb)

Organ Playing a Chord (110kb)

Door Creaking Open (41kb)

Moaning (44kb)

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