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I'M BACK!!!!!
Thanks to everyone for their support.
I truly am back this time. I am paying for the site and uploading all my files again.
I am almost complete with the old uploads, then will begin work on finding new content.
I will do my best to update as frequently as possible, so please help me spread the word that I'm back!!!

Last update...July 17, 2010. Please email me if you find any dead links.
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This page is for anyone who loves halloween
Go ahead, look around and enjoy yourself!

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Check out my new "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Page

This is a really cool Vampire story.
Go here Angelique - A Vampire's Story to check it out




The Site Fights Spirit Flowers

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All of these images were found on the web. If you created one of these
images and have any objection to me using it, please e-mail me and let me know.
If anyone has the web addresses to these pictures, or any others that I can
put on my links page, please email me and I will put them on ASAP!! Thanks!

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Thank you so much for the support!!