These are my cyber-adoptees. They are loyal guardians of my webpage.
If you would like one of your own, just click the banner next
to the one of your choice and it will take you to their
respective home sites. Have fun!!

My Limited Edition Adoptions can be viewed HERE

Lil Joey

~ Lil Joey ~
Lil Joey is a reaper. It was adopted by Carla on Jul 11, 2000 from Nightlyre's Adopt-A-Haunt program.

Adopt a haunt today!

Sorry but this adoption agency closed it's doors indefinitely

LilBitHi! My name is LilBit

I'm the guardian of this webpage
If you would like a ghost guardian of your own, just follow this link:

DemonestraGhoul GirlVampiressSpirit Mistress

Hello......I am Demonestra,   I am Ghoul Girl,   I am Vampiress,   and I am Spirit Mistress
We guard this webpage, so please don't be nasty around here. Thank you.

Have a cookie.....They taste great!! :)

I was adopted from the "Adopt-a-Bunny" center.
If you would like a bunny of your own, just click on me!!


SpookyWarty WitchColorMe CornyWebCorny

I'm Spooky   I'm Warty Witch   I'm ColorMe Corny   I'm WebCorny

And we were picked from some wonderful animated candy corns from the
Billy Bear 4 Kids WebPage. If you would like some candy corn of your own,
stop by and see what they have. Have a good time!!

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