Toxic Dump Dessert

Bet you can't wait to sink your teeth into this one!

1 brand-new medium-sized goldfish bowl, nice and clean
2 large pkg. orange Jell-O
2 large pkg. blue Jell-O
Grey speckled Jelly Bellys
Ice cubes
Cold water
Gummi soda bottle candies
Gummi fish candies

Pour the grey speckled Jelly Bellys into the bottom of the fish bowl.
Mix up the jello using a mixture of ice cubes and cold water instead
of the water called for on the side of the box. Slowly pour this into
the bowl,trying not to disturb the candy "gravel" on the bottom. Allow
the Jell-O to set a little, put not completely. Now poke the Lifesaver
"tires", the gummi soda bottles, and the gummi fish all down into the
Jell-O sludge, at varying depths. This can be done with a wodden skewer,
so you don't mess up the Jell-O too much. Refridgerate. Leave as a
centerpiece or as an in-toxic-ating dessert!