Halloween Spider Cake

When cake is cut, it spurts green goop.

18 1/4 oz box white cake mix
4-serving package green gelatin

Blue food coloring
Chocolate frosting

4 black licorice whips
2 big green gumballs
6 little gumballs

Prepare cake using two 9-inch round cake pans. Cool.
Prepare the gelatin according to package directions. It works
best if it is just a little on the soft side.
On a foil-covered cookie-sheet, place one cake layer for the
body. Cut a smaller circle out of the center of the layer.
Place this smaller round of cake as the spider's head. Fill the
hole left in the body layer with gelatin. Place the other cake
layer on top of the body and trim cake slightly to shape
if desired.
To prepare frosting, in a mixing bowl, add blue food coloring
to the chocolate frosting until black in color. Frost the
entire cake black. Cut the black licorice whips in half and
insert for the eight legs. Position the gumballs as eyes.