Pumpkin Shaped Cake

Twice the batter for any cake recipe
(or 2 packages of cake mix, prepared)
Twice any white frosting recipe
(or 2 cans white frosting)
Food coloring
1 Hostess Ho-HoŽ (or similar cake-roll snack item)

Prepare two cakes in bundt pans and cool completely.

Color most of the frosting a deep orange, reserving about 1/2 cup,
which should be colored black (or use dark chocolate fudge frosting)

Place one bundt cake upside down (rounded side on the bottom)
on a cake plate; frost the top only. Place the second bundt cake
flat-side down on top of first cake.
Frost the entire cake with orange frosting, making up and down
motions with spatula to simulate a pumpkin.

Insert the Ho-HoŽ in the middle of the top of the bundt cake
to make the stem. Use black frosting to make eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
(Or use candies, gum drops, jelly beans, black rope licorice -- be creative!)