Bleeding Heart Jello

The Preparation:

The heart is made from red jello with a some evaporated
milk added to make it opaque. The blood is honey or kyro
syrup with red food coloring added. Place the "blood"
in a small ziplock plastic bag and submerged in the jello.
I guess you could use any mold for the jello but a heart shape
really looks special.

The Presentation:

A heart shaped mold sits innocently on a platter.
When pierced with a sharp knife it oozes blood red sauce.
The effect is disgusting , but not bad tasting.
When you've gathered everyone around for the cutting, be sure to
use a fairly sharp knife so it pierces the bag. Also, the
best effect is when the center of the heart is pierced,
then the knife is twisted. This oozes blood out of the "wound"
and looks gross!! If you have a "hearty" crowd that wants to dig in,
just remember to remove the bag!