Gory Hand

Presentation is everything.

This is both a yummy treat and a great decoration to scare your
friends. Use a clean rubber glove. Make a strong cherry or other
red jello by using 3/4 of the recommended amount of water.
Hang the glove over the sink by using clothes pins attached to
thin strips of wood. When the jello has cooled pour into glove
and place in the deep freeze. Be careful not to have the hand
pressing against anything or itwill ruin the shape. When the
jello is frozen cut the glove off using small scissors. Keep your
masterpiece in the fridgeuntil ready to display.

Alternate Gory Hand tip:

Take a clean rubber glove and fill it with water, tie it and put it in
the deep freeze. Keep it in there until your party. When you're
ready take it out of the glove and put it in the punchbowl instead
of ice!