Flaming Ghost Cake

"This recipe is more of a procedure than a recipe and of course
I didn't save the post or remember who wrote it. Anyway, first
make a 9"x13" cake. When cool, cut the 2 upper corners of the
cake, not straight, but sort of rounded. The curvature adds to
the shape of the ghost's head and the corner pieces become
the ghost's arms. I know, the diagram is really bad as ascii
art goes, but hopefully you get my meaning (the original poster
had a "much" better diagram). You can also "carve" the body so
it has a more ghost-like shape (bell-shaped?)."

------- | / \ | | / \ | <-- cut pieces are arms |/ O O \| <-- eyes
| | | () | <-- mouth-------

"Place the arms on the body so it looks like the ghost is raising
its arms, then frost. Traditionalists will want to use white
frosting. Use thin licorice to form a mouth, and
use 2 clean egg shell halves for the eyes."

The next part can be kind of tricky. You're supposed to place a
sugar cube in each shell, add alcohol and ignite. I've found that
if you soak your cubes in brandy prior to lighting, they tend to
burn longer. You may also find that the cake makes a much
better presentation when it's dark, as opposed to daylight.