Aquarium Jello

Great idea for a simple dessert at kid's parties!

goldfish bowl, nice and clean
red hots or Jelly Belly gravel beans
blue Jello
ice cubes
cold water
purple endive
parsley sprigs
gummy fish

Use a new or well cleaned goldfish bowl. In the bottom, the
original recipe called for red-hots as the 'gravel', but I plan
to use the Jelly Belly beans that look like rocks. Mix up as
much blue Jello as your bowl will hold. Mix using ice cubes
& cold water instead of the cold water called for on the box.
Pour this into the bowl over a knife blade or something to
keep from disturbing the gravel. If you want it to have
'seaweed', poke a couple of pieces of purple endive
or something similar down into the gravel. When the whole
thing starts to jell, use a wooden skewer to push gummy
fish into different parts of the bowl. If you're going to be able
to supervise the serving, you could even add a plastic
diver man, etc.

A great alternative to the nice,clean Aquarium is to make a
Toxic Aquarium.
Mix orange and blue jello to get a sickly shade of green.
Lifesavers make old tires and you can toss in other junky
things for trash on the bottom of the sea. Something
barrel-shaped for that illegally dumped toxic waste. Float
your fish upsidedown on top, and add a plastic skeleton or