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Trash Can

Important instructions: Pick your pieces in the right order. Pick the ones that go in the back first, like wings & furniture. Then ones that go in the middle, like bodies and pants. Then ones that go in the front, like tops and heads. If you don't pick them in the right order, you will have layering problems. Just double-click your piece and it will pop up to the Creation Zone. Drag the pieces apart so you can see them and put them together. You can use each piece as many times as you need, just keep double-clicking. Don't want to use a piece, just drag it to the trash can and it will disappear. To save your doll with a transparent background, leave the background as white and then flood-fill it in your graphics program. Once you have assembled your doll, hit the "print screen" key to do a screen shot capture. Open your graphics program, and do an "edit" then "paste". Crop and save your doll. For best resolution, save your doll as a .gif file format. Have fun!"