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Last update...February 24, 2002. Please email me if you find any dead links.
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Over the next couple of months I will be totally remodeling my website.
Please email me and tell me if you like it or hate it
or if you have any other suggestions for it. Thanks alot!! :)

This page is for anyone who loves halloween
Go ahead, look around and enjoy yourself!

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Check out my new "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Page

This is a really cool Vampire story.
Go here Angelique - A Vampire's Story to check it out

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It may help find a missing child.
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All of these images were found on the web. If you created one of these images and have any objection to me using it, please e-mail me and let me know. If anyone has the web addresses to these pictures, or any others that I can put on my links page, please email me and I will put them on ASAP!! Thanks!

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